NEW YEAR; NEW CHANGES- The 2024 Swap Meets

This year is the year of the 3 at Maple Grove Raceway. We have 3 new changes for the 2024 Maple Grove Raceway Swap Meets that we are excited to share with you!


  1. NEW DATE: The Spring and Fall Swap Meets have new dates starting this year. Many are used to the two events being about the same time every year. This year we decided to change it up a little. So the Spring Swap Meet will now be in March. While the Fall Swap Meet will be in November.
  2. NEW EVENT: While we have had two strong and successful Swap Meets each season, we couldn’t help but want just one more. That way there is one to start the year, one to finish, and one to “meet” in the middle.    This new addition caters to many of us creative or ambitious individuals out there. Maybe you started your project after the first swap meet and now need more parts. Or you are done with that project and need a new one to start. No matter what the reason is, we want to see you out here at the Grove for all three Swap Meets this season.
  3. NEW SIZE: The vendor/ selling spaces are now 20 feet by 20 feet. That is five extra fee of selling space for the same price.


Embrace the New Year and new changes by joining us for the 2024 Maple Grove Raceway Swap Meets. Find all the information below on our flyer.

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