2024 Spring Swap Meet…WOW

March 20, 2024- There are not many times we are left speechless but this past Saturday for the Spring Swap Meet, we were pretty close. Between the weather and the crowd it was a fantastic way to kick off the 2024 season.

Over the years, the Swap Meet has been evolving to keep up with the demand and interests from both buyer and sellers. The biggest evolvement happened this year as we kicked off the theme of NEW YEAR, NEW CHANGES. The three new changes involved date, sizing and timing. In case you missed the previous release below are those three changes, we included them below.

  1. NEW DATE: The Spring and Fall Swap Meets have new dates starting this year. Many are used to the two events being about the same time every year. This year we decided to change it up a little. So the Spring Swap Meet will now be in March. While the Fall Swap Meet will be in November.
  2. NEW EVENT: While we have had two strong and successful Swap Meets each season, we couldn’t help but want just one more. That way there is one to start the year, one to finish, and one to “meet” in the middle.    This new addition caters to many of us creative or ambitious individuals out there. Maybe you started your project after the first swap meet and now need more parts. Or you are done with that project and need a new one to start. No matter what the reason is, we want to see you out here at the Grove for all three Swap Meets this season.
  3. NEW SIZE: The vendor/ selling spaces are now 20 feet by 20 feet. That is five extra fee of selling space for the same price.


While we were hopefully these changes would be well-received by all those in attendance, we still always have other elements in play that could alter the outcome of the event. But this past Saturday was the perfect storm for success that we were not expecting. First the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Yes, the morning started a bit chilly, especially as the sun started to rise, but as the minutes past, the temperatures rose. We had sunshine, clear skies and no rain! We know… that is not always a thing when it comes to Maple Grove. But we took it and enjoyed every minute of the warm weather. The other thing we were not anticipating with the NEW YEAR, NEW CHANGES theme was the amount of new comers who came through the gate. We saw a high number of new buyers and new sellers eager to see what the day held for them.

This past Saturday, we event took part in setting up a stand to be part of the action. We set up shop in the Patio (which is located at the end of the Concession Stand building) to sell Maple Grove apparel and novelties. We embraced St. Patrick’s Day being the next day by having a special on all things green . The number of customers who came through the doors was great. We love hearing stories, memories and getting a chance to conversate with our fans. It makes the whole experience of running a larger operation a little more personal.

So thank you for everyone who came out! It was a successful day with great customers and even greater weather. We look forward to seeing y’all at the next Swap Meet- July 20th!

If you missed the action, check out the photos taken by Reflexx Photography


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