George Weiler’s “Smarty Pants”

Sean Kimble is a drag racing enthusiast who took a cruise with his wife about six years ago. By pure coincidence he shared a hot tub with Ron and Shelly Capps and struck up a conversation. Sean brought his company, … View Details

Off the Trailer Chutes Out Recap

OFF THE TRAILER CHUTES OUT RECAP. It all started with a hmm. The idea of a unique event in which there would be no time trials, just strictly eliminations for some big bucks. On Saturday, August 22nd, Maple Grove Raceway...

Money Trail Championship Chutes Out Recap

CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND EDITION OF CHUTES OUT WEEKEND RECAP. When you think of big champion events in sports, the Super Bowl, World Series and Stanley Cup final come to mind. For fans of the fast track to fun, each year we...

Weekend Recap & Geezers at the Grove Results

MAPLE GROVE RACEWAY GEEZERS AT THE GROVE CHUTES OUT RECAP. With almost 60 years of existence, the sport of drag racing has a rich and unique quality in all of Motorsports. Throw in one of the most historic tracks in … View Details

Jr. Drag Racing League Northeast Division Championship Results

The results are in from the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League Northeast Division Championship! In the 15-17 age group, Kelsey Brinckman dominated with the first place finish. Paisley Anderson fought her way to the final round to take...

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