Chutes Out Weekend Recap from 4/24/21

4/26/21 @ 12:45 PM – Maple Grove Raceway Chutes Out Weekend Recap

In the drag racing community, there has always been a whisper on which track has the best hometown heroes. With 14 ET Team Championships, and four Jr. Dragster Team Championships in the Eastern Conference finals, Maple Grove is known for having some of the best hometown heroes in the country. This weekend kicked off the 50th Anniversary of the Money Trail Series with the first two races under beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures. The hometown heroes didn’t disappoint as almost 270 cars packed the pits for a beautiful Saturday of racing. In Jr. Dragster, last years track champion, Braylon Kuhn, picked up right were he left off on top of the points standings when he defeated Paige Ketterer in the final. Jr. Street saw a first time winner in the winners circle with Matt Serrano defeating third generation driver, Ava Werner in the final. Trophy eliminator saw two familiar names in the final round with Luke Karol, the 2018 Jr Street Track Champion, defeating Don Stilley in the final round. Due to weather and the safety concerns of our fellow hometown heroes, the rest of Saturday’s action was not completed. The remaining racers split the purse in the following classes; Sportsman, Top Bike, Pro, Super and Pro Dial. Due to weather on Sunday all racing action was cancelled for Money Trail #2. With the season in full swing, all eyes focus on next weekend for the first three day weekend of the season. Ratchet Friday kicks us off from 5 pm to 10 pm then back to back Money Trail races on Saturday and Sunday. Join in on congratulating your winners from this past weekend!

All credit for the written recap goes to Billy Kleinspehn.

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