Weekend Recap & Geezers at the Grove Results

MAPLE GROVE RACEWAY GEEZERS AT THE GROVE CHUTES OUT RECAP. With almost 60 years of existence, the sport of drag racing has a rich and unique quality in all of Motorsports. Throw in one of the most historic tracks in the northeast and you have the ingredients for one epic reunion. On Saturday August 8th, Maple Grove Raceway held one of its most popular events of the season, the famed Geezers At The Grove Nostalgia Event. This is truly a throwback to the golden age of drag racing with everything from slingshot dragsters, the wild and crazy gassers, and everything in between. In Nostalgia One, cars with electronics, it was a battle of Jason Amy and Shane Sweigart. The final ended with Jason getting the win over Shane. In Nostalgia Two, a class for non electronic cars, it was age and experience over youth and exuberance with Butch Wenrich winning over young Nathan Beidman. Nostalgia 3, the street tire class, saw Elise Renninger in victory lane when she defeated Mike Beaver in the final. The Nostalgia Eliminator final also saw two hometown heroes make the final round with Rory Krupp winning over Lee Ann Ormsbee. Geezer Eliminator, a class for drivers over the age of 55, saw Joe McLaughlin defeat Mike Beaver in the final. Mike made it to two finals during the event in Nostalgia 3 and Geezers. To go along with the bracket classes several groups such as the popular Mandra, Back Seat Drivers, East Coast Gassers and Warriors Outlaw also made an appearance. In Mandra, Mark Santee made a clean sweep of maple grove when he picked up the win over Ben Mauchamer. Santee picked up the win in Mandra just a few short weeks ago at the the Race 4 the House. In Back Seat Drivers, a class for slingshot Dragsters, Rick Burns was the last man standing when he defeated John Schroeder in the final. The always popular and wildly entertaining East Coast Gassers saw Ed Linas defeat Ronnie Carson in the final. The Warriors Outlaw series made its first appearance at Maple Grove with their wild and fast radial cars. When it came down the finals, James Smith was the last person standing when he defeated Scott Vants in the final. We send our congratulations to all of our winners as we look forward to the 2021 Geezers at the Grove.

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MAPLE GROVE RACEWAY MONEY TRAIL 13 CHUTES OUT WEEKEND RECAP. With just two more races left in the money trail series for 2020, many of our hometown heroes made their way to Maple Grove for Money Trail #13. The August 9th event saw many new faces in victory lane. In Pro Eliminator, Jayme Colon, a former Jr. Dragster racer, returned to victory lane after a long dry-spell when he defeated Mike Licata in the final. In Super, long time D1 Top Dragster racer, Joe DePasquale scored a popular win over young gun Brad Northrop. Sportsman Eliminator saw a first time winner when Frank Armando defeated the legend Paul Werner in the final. The always popular Pro Dial class was on hand for their second race of the season with Jeremy Stroker defeating Ray Barlow in the final. The Trophy final saw the last two Jr. Street track champions battling it out with Luke Karol winning over Taylor Zajac. Just one week after making his Jr. Street debut and making it to the semis, Robert Murphy picked up his first ever victory over Carter Ormsbee in the final. After making it to not one, but two semi finals the day before only to suffer breakage two times, Top Bike Champion Kyle Gockley ended his weekend on a high note in victory lane when he defeated Keith Alesin in the final.

All credit to the written recaps goes to Billy Kleinspehn!

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