National Event FAQ

Please read through the following answers. Most likely these will save you from calling into the office. As we get closer to the event it gets harder to keep up with phone calls. We also encourage fans to order their tickets online through the link under the ‘NHRA’ tab.

▪️ Date: September 9th-12th.
▪️ “Big Guys?”/“John Force?”: YES this is the event that have “the big guys” and “John Force”.
▪️ 2020 Tickets: If your tickets do NOT say 2021 on them. Call our office 610-856-9200.
▪️ At Gate: YES you can purchase tickets at the gate.
▪️ COVID-19: If you are sick, have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, or are uncomfortable, please stay home. If you feel the need to wear a mask please do so.
▪️ Ticket Types: General Admission – does not guarantee you a seat, it gets you through the gate and in the pits; Reserved – guarantees you a seat, gets you through the gate and in the pits; Premium Reserved – guarantees you a seat in the top three or bottom three rows of the reserved grandstands or an isle seat, gets you through the gate and in the pits.
▪️ Schedule: There is one round of nitro qualifying on Friday. The reason why, that’s how the schedule was designed by NHRA. You can find a full event schedule under the ‘NHRA’ tab.
▪️ Friday Night: There is no “Friday Night qualifying”. The event is during daylight hours. Pro Stock Qualifying is at 4:45 pm and Nitro Qualifying is at 5:45 pm.
▪️ Handicap Parking: Yes we have it, you pay the normal parking fee and you must have your tag hanging when you enter the gate. This allows the flow of traffic to keep going and for you to be stopped less by each worker.
▪️ Scooter? Golf Carts?: No scooter or golf carts are allowed on grounds. Mobilized wheelchairs or disability scooters are the only exception.
▪️ Coolers: 12 inch maximum coolers are allowed. No alcohol or glass bottles are allowed! ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

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