1974 Chevy Vega "Resurrected"Super Pro, Pro, & Pro DialFollowed the foot steps of my father, Gene Garloff who raced a 1970 Chevelle "Tasmanian Devil" in the 70's.20+ years starting with a 1970 Chevelle Super Sport2021 – Pro-Dial Champion, Maple Grove 2019 – Pro-Dial runner up, Maple Grove 2018 – Super Pro Eliminator Walley, South MountainWatching Jake Knarr drag his battery charger up to the staging lanes multiple times.My dad, Gene Garloff, my wife, Judy Garloff, son, Darren Garloff, and John OppenheimerJohn Oppenheimer, Ken Johns, Paul & Val Melhado, Dan Walleigh, and Marty FlegalDefend my Pro-Dial Championship
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