Test N Tune + King of the Street

Test N Tune + King of the Street

April 15, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
$10 Spectator $25 Race entry

Here’s your chance to drag race down one of the fastest tracks in America! It’s easy to get involved with, easy to understand and the most thrilling time you will have.

Test N' Tune Staging Lanes

King of the Street is a race series that will be taking place beginning May of 2017. Once a month. The rules are simple.  Instant green start 1/8 mile top ten list race. No time listed on boards. One shakedown pass with time slip prior to competition. Grudge racers are welcome. A crown will be given to the number one guy and will exchange hands as the number 1 spot changes. The April 15 race is to establish the list, winner takes the pot. $50 Gate fee, $100 buy in, Race master holds money.Race #1-6 will be call outs.


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