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To say my reception to Maple Grove Racing has been both humbling and overwhelming is an understatement. Since our drivers meeting I’ve received almost two hundred correspondence (text messages, voicemails and emails). It’s my intention to read and respond to each of you, however, I cannot get to all of them in 24 hours. Please give me a few days to get caught up. I’m very excited for opening day at Maple Grove Raceway. Discover the Maple Grove Experience!
God Bless,

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Rest In Peace Mark Carey

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The track is officially closed for the 2017 Season. We will reopen Spring 2018. Office hours are Monday through Friday until 5pm.


Congratulations to our 2017 Money Trail Champions

Chris Camplone (Super), Rich Pennington (Pro), Adam Werner (Street), Jeff Santin (Top Bike),

CJ Ketterer (Jr Dragster) Hunter Zajac (Jr Street)

Mike Esposito (Top Dragster), Ron Riegel (Top Sportsman)

Luis Martinez (8.50) Keith Zimmerman (10.0), Scott Smith (11.50), Elise Renninger (12.50)

John Nugent (Pro Dial)


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