Super Chevy Qualifying complete for Saturday

Excitement filled the air at Maple Grove Raceway today as the Super Chevy Show got into full swing. The huge car show drew hundreds of Chevys from near and far, all hoping to win an elusive award. The drag racing was hot and heavy, as hundreds of drag cars roared down the famed Maple Grove dragstrip.


A special feature of the drag racing was the appearance of seven nitro funny cars, all roaring down the dragstrip to impressive times. Cars such as the two Jungle Jim tribute cars, Man O’ War, and Violator took to the track for qualifying position based on their best Elapsed Time (“ET”). Following is how they qualified:

  1. Paul Romine         5.891 ET                241.07 MPH
  2. John Smith            5.989 ET                243.72 MPH
  3. Jim Young             6.031 ET                217.74 MPH
  4. Steve Nichols        6.179 ET                223.21 MPH
  5. Shawn Bowen       10.582 ET              79.61 MPH
  6. Mike Lewis            10.657 ET              77.46 MPH
  7. Troy Ray                11.529 ET             83.82 MPH

Sunday’s bracket for Funny Cars is as follows:

Paul Romine



John Smith

Troy Ray


Jim Young

Mike Lewis


Steve Nichols

Shawn Bowen


Another part of the excitement was the True Street class, where 47 cars took a tour of southern Berks County then made three passes down the Maple Grove track upon their return. The winner with the lowest average ET was Glenn Hunter with a 8.416 second ET. Runner up was Bill Moss with a 8.853 ET. Other winners in the closest to the Index categories were Bruce Simonetti (10.00 Index), Eric Clauss (11.00 Index), Joe Focarino (12.00 Index) and Layton Finkbiner (13.00 Index).


The Top Sportsman class, or “Chevys Against the World”, saw nine cars compete for qualifying position. Following is how they qualified:

  1. Jay McHugh                     7.155 ET                194.35 MPH
  2. Krazy Ed Foley                 7.186 ET                190.43 MPH
  3. Scott Rex                          7.217 ET                193.32 MPH
  4. Ron Riegel                        7.361 ET                184.80 MPH
  5. John Tiniakos                    7.418 ET                185.56 MPH
  6. Joe Mealy                          7.711 ET                176.19 MPH
  7. Jimmy Sugan                     7.732 ET                176.53 MPH
  8. Joey Heffernan                  8.386 ET                162.12 MPH
  9. Michael Pollaro                  9.947 ET                112.30 MPH

Sunday’s bracket for Top Sportsman is as follows:

Jay McHugh



Krazy Ed Foley

Joe Mealy


Scott Rex

Jimmy Sugan


Ron Riegel

Joey Heffernan


John Tiniakos

Michael Pollaro


Capping off the festivities were two incredible jet dragsters. The Queen of Diamonds II piloted by Jill Canuso, and the Jersey Thunder driven by Ernie Bogue. Canuso won the final heat, posting an ET of 5.569 at 289.14 MPH compared to Bogue’s 5.667 ET at 274.83 MPH.


The Super Chevy show continues tomorrow with gates opening at 8 a.m. Day 2 of the huge car show will be in full swing, as will the vendor midway, flea market, and of course great racing action. Admission is $23 for adults, $10 for teens 13-14-15, and children 12 and under are free.

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