Spring Training Test N’ Tune

Over 200 cars joined us yesterday for our Spring Training Test N’ Tune. Racers and fans were in line eagerly waiting for the gates to open to officially give the 2016 season the green light. There were a wide range of cars and levels of experience here to participate. Some of the racers were our regular Money Trail Series participants looking for that opportunity to feel out the car before the first Money Trail race today. Two common themes among these racers was that the track was well prepared and they were anxious to get back in the car after the winter season. Other participants however were here for the first time racing their street cars. We are beyond thrilled that they chose to run with us here at Maple Grove Raceway. Also, we hope they had an amazing experience and they will come back for our next Test N’ Tune from 10am-4pm during the High School Challenge event Sunday, April 24th.


In addition to our regular grudge and Money Trail Series bracket racers, we welcomed multiple other styles of cars. There were Pro Mods, Stock, Super Stock, .90 cars, and regular street cars that filled the staging lanes. We had a fantastic turnout of over 20 Junior Dragsters who tested as well.


We would also like to congratulate all the racers who decided to participate in licensing runs. An added shout out to the three Jr. Street racers, Taylor Zajac, Drew Templin and Angelina Battaglia who became licensed Jr. Street racers yesterday.

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