Results of Racer Meeting and Survey

During our racers meeting March 6 we had some discussion points to vote on to get feedback from our racers as which direction they would prefer to go with our 2016 Money Trail season. The survey was sent out to 234 participants giving them 1 week to complete. The result was 151 people opening the emailing and 102 people voting on what action they wanted MGR to take.  The first topic was Buy backs or a consolation race, the vote was 39.2% for a consolation race, 32.3% for buy backs and 28.4% were happy to keep thing the same as previous years. When asked about changing when the round money would start, 78.4% said keep it to 3rd round. Lastly they were asked if they voted on a consolation race, would they prefer all classes run together or would they prefer Super run separate until the last two cars and those racers would then merge into the Pro, Street and Bike consolation elimination rounds. The vote came back with 60.7% wanting Super kept separate till later rounds.
Click Here to view the official results: 2016 Money Trail survey
So there it is folks, for 2016 season MGR will offer a consolation race for the competitors who lost 1st and 2nd round during the Money Trail races. Entry fee will be $50, 64 car max with 50% of the entry fee going back to the purse awarding the Winner, Runner up and the Semifinalists
 Also discussed during the racers meeting was to allow “Deep” to be written on the window so racers could identify if their competitor stages deep.  As many of us know NHRA doesn’t acknowledge “deep” staging during any of their events and as a NHRA sanctioned track we need to keep to the same rules. If the racers would like to write this on their windows they can, auto start will still be in effect and the starter will not hold the tree for those racers. MGR will also be making a rule change with  two steps permitted with manual transmission.  If used with automatic transmission, two step only can be used as high side rev limiter
Other suggestions is to allow Motorcycles to compete in Pro Dial and offering a pro tree or index race for the Jr Dragsters. After consideration MGR will offer a Pro Tree Bracket class during non-points events to allow bikes and other competitors that don’t fit the rules of Pro Dial.  The Jr Dragster will also be able to engage in a 7.90 and 8.90 Index race with an 8 or 16 qualified fields along with a Pro Tree race during the .90 and Index series not combined with Money Trail events. More info will follow as we get closer to these events.

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