Results as of Friday, May 26th

Dark clouds filled the skies and the temperatures were cooler than average in May here at Maple Grove for the first official day of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. Over 470 cars are on the grounds and ready for what the rest of the weekend has in store.


Top Alcohol Funny Car, Top Alcohol Dragster, Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and Competition Eliminator qualified today in preparation for the big Showdown at Sundown tomorrow night.

After the first session of qualifying for Top Alcohol Funny Car is was Sean Bellemeur of Placentia, CA who held the provisional #1 qualifier slot with a 5.521 E.T. However, Sean Bellemeur held onto that provisional #1 qualifier slot after the second session of qualifying with a another 5.521 E.T. As of tonight in Top Alcohol Funny Car are Sean Bellemeur, DJ Cox, Mathew Gil, Tyler Scott, Phil Burkart, Dan Pomponio, and Marie Ferriolo who rounds out the top seven.


In Top Alcohol Dragster, after two sessions of qualifying, Josh Hart of Ocala, FL is the #1 qualifier with a 5.240 E.T.. Hart  is followed by Daniel Page, Jackie Fricke, Thomas Fox, Rich McPhillips, Rich Bourke, Wayne Morris and Karen Stalba who sits on the bump to round off the top eight.


Jeff Brooks of Fredericksburg, VA is the #1 qualifier in Top Sportsman with a 6.546 E.T. The rest of the top eight in Top Sportsman are Tony Fagnilli, Ray Bamond, Donald Teague, Scott Hamel, Vonnie Mills, Bill Janke and sitting on the bump is Ronnie Proctor.


In Top Dragster, with an E.T of 6.044 it is Joe DeGuara who is the #1 qualifier. The rest of the top eight is made up of Alan O’Brien, Alan Kenny, Scott Hall, Frederick Perkins, Thomas Martino, Greg Kelley and Chris Wilson.

A special congrats to the winners of the Quick Eight in Super Gas, Super Comp, Stock Eliminator, Super Stock and Super Street.

Super Gas Quick 8 Round Results

Round One

Frank Volpe defeated Richard Stroud.

Bill Nuzzo def. Chuck Rothermel.

Charlie Kenopic def. Darlene Staub.

Mike Sawyer def. Donald Knoblick

Round Two

Charlie Kenopic def. Mike Sawyer.

Frank Volpe def. Bill Nuzzo


Frank Volpe, .011 reaction time, 9.934 E.T. on a 9.90 dial-in, 165.90 mph defeated Charlie Kenopic, .013 reaction time, 9.968 E.T. on a 9.90 dial-in, 151.37 mph.


Super Comp Quick 8 Round Results

Round One

John Calo def. Kevin Scholl.

Brian Bell def. Stephen Spaulding

David Long def. Stephen Logan.

Kathy Smulligan def. Ronald Klein.

Round Two

Kathy Smulligan def. John Calo

David Long def. Brian Bell


Kathy Smulligan def. David Long

Stock Eliminator Quick 8 Round Results

Round One

Gary Walters def. Steve Calabro

Sean Conway def. Steve Szupka

Ron Infantino def. Lee Zane

Allison Smyth def. Michael Epprecht

Round Two

Sean Conway def. Ron Infantino

Allison Smyth def. Gary Walters


Allison Smyth, .022 reaction time, 10.214 E.T. on a 10.19 dial-in, 128.14 mph defeated Sean Conway, .040 reaction time, 12.871 E.T., 256.41 mph.

Super Stock Quick 8 Round Results

Round One

John Cira def. Richard Preiser

Joe Lisa def. Brittany Boltz

Marty Rinehart def. Herbert Sullivan

Herbie Null def. Marc Labrecque

Round Two

Joe Lisa def. Marty Rinehart

Herbie Null def. John Cira


Herbie Null, .005 reaction time, 10.051 E.T. on a 10.03 dial-in, 124.69 mph def. Joe Lisa, .020 reaction time, 10.358 E.T. on a 10.32 dial-in, 113.94 mph.

Super Street Quick 8 Round Results

Round One

Kevin Tiedemann def. Barry Ribeiro

Kelli Barbato def. Tom DePascale

John Maggiulli def. Eugene Schneck

Car Number R141 def. Shawn Fricke

Round Two

Kevin Tiedemann def. Car Number R141

John Maggiulli def. Kelli Barbato


John Maggiulli, .039 reaction time, 10.912 E.T. on a 10.90 dial-in, 142.04 mph def. Kevin Tiedemann, .031 reaction time, 10.994 E.T. on a 10.90 dial-in, 128.05 mph.

Between time trials and qualifying sessions, teams have prepared the cars for tomorrow’s Showdown at Sundown which starts at 5 p.m. Gates open at 3 p.m. for the $25 carload special. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to witness ground pounding racing under the lights with some of the most talented drivers in drag racing.

First Round Qualifying





Second Round Qualifying





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