Passing of Former Maple Grove Event Services Director

The Maple Grove Raceway family lost a very special man Sunday, October 22nd. Anthony “Tony” Elmo, worked at Maple Grove Raceway for a total of 23 years. He spent a majority of his employment working as a member of our Event Services team. Lex Dudas, Former Vice President- General Manager of Maple Grove Raceway saw Tony go above and beyond to help whenever and wherever help was needed numerous times. Over the years Lex has the privilege of developing a friendship both professionally and personally with Mr. Elmo. “Tony was always a team player. He was driven, compassionate, innovative and represented qualities of being a strong leader” said Lex. Tony remained a vital member of the Event Services team until 2002. Lex believed Tony’s strengths were better suited in a different role. One where he could continue to do great things for Maple Grove Raceway. Tony was promoted to Director of Event Services, where he excelled at the position. Being the first Event Services Director was an extremely tough task to take on, but there was no better individual for the challenge than Tony. He continued to raise the bar one notch higher every year because that was what Tony was all about. He kept moving forward, nothing seemed too difficult or impossible. If there was a task to be done or position to fill, Tony was the first one to step up.
In 2014, Tony was forced to retire from Maple Grove due to health reasons. Tony was also a member of the 2014 inductee class into the Maple Grove Raceway Walk of Fame. He was welcomed into a group with other highly influential individuals who contributed countless hours to Maple Grove, such as “Jungle Jim” Liberman, Wally Parks, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Don Garlits.
Tony Elmo was an outstanding husband, brother, father, grandfather and friend to many. He was an extraordinary part of the Maple Grove Raceway family and he will greatly be missed.
Maple Grove Raceway would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his wife and entire family during this difficult time.

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