Northeast Index Series at the Grove- Index Points Fund

New for 2016 Maple Grove Raceway will be implementing a point’s fund for the Index Series. Points fund fees will be $50 for 10.0, 11.50, 12.50, Pro Dial and 8.50 will be $100.  The yearend payouts will be based on participation in each class until we can find a series sponsor to help support the Index series. The top point’s earners will be rewarded with payouts during the Money Trail Banquet. Champions will receive a jacket and a special award made by S&W racecars plus a free entry to the points fund to the Index series class during following season. Points will be calculated the same way we do for the Money Trail with the addition of qualifying points to the top 8 qualifiers in each Index class. Pro dial will receive round points only.
To earn points a racer must sign up and be paid in full prior to first round of eliminations at the race which points accumulation begins. Points will only be awarded to enrolled drivers only. Points are non-transferable from one class to another
Click here to pint out points fund application
Event Points will be calculated as follows:
8 points- #1 qualifier + Trophy presented by S&W Race Cars
7 points- #2 qualifier
6 points- #3 qualifier
5 points- #4 qualifier
4 points- #5 qualifier
3 points- #6 qualifier
2 points- #7 qualifier
1 point- #8 qualifier
10 Points- 1st round appearance
10 points- Round winners
1 point- Quarter finalists
2 points- Semifinalists
3 points- Runner Up
5 points- Winner
Last Man Standing pot will be offered in the Index classes. The one who goes the furthest wins the pot, 100% payback. Entry fee will be $10 for 11.50 or 12.50, $15 for 10.0 and $25 for 8.50. Entry fees will be collected in staging lanes or in the base of the Napa tower during qualifying runs.
Also new for 2016 is the addition of 12.50 Index. The rules and payouts will be as follows:
12.50 Index- ¼ mi racing, all run field
1. 500 Pro tree heads up start with 7 second auto start.
2. Full bodied street appearing cars and light trucks only.
3. Finished interiors. Dash, door panels and other trim panels installed with either a full front bench seat or 2 front bucket seats
mandatory. No gutted interiors
4. Mufflers mandatory.
5. Any size drag radial, must fit inside wheel well. All tires must be DOT approved
6. Gasoline, E85, Alcohol and Diesel permitted. Nitro-methane prohibited.
7. Stock frame and back half cars permitted. Full round or square tube chassis
8. Throttle stops/controllers, delay boxes/devices PROHIBITED.
9. Aftermarket air or electric automatic shifters or shifting devices PROHIBITED. Car must
either be shifted by driver or must be a function of OEM stock equipment.
10. Any type power adder permitted
11. NHRA Pro ladder.
12. Deep staging allowed, but auto-start will be on at all times. Courtesy staging
12.50 Index Entry $35
32+ Entries     16-31 Entries    9-15 Entries    8 or Less Entries
Winner:$350    Winner:$225    Winner:$150      Winner:$100
R/U:$175           R/U:$125            R/U:$75              R/U:$50
Semi: $75           Semi:$50

For more info on Index series click here to view our Northeast Index Racers page


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