Maple Grove Raceway Announces ET Driver’s Advisory Board

In a follow up to the Money Trail ET racers meeting Jason Leber announced the formation of a new 10 person advisory board in an effort to establish a better flow of ideas and concerns.

In making the announcement, Leber stated “We want to have a better line of communications with our racers and we felt the formation of the advisory board would be a benefit all involved.”

The advisory board will meet during the course of the season with the management team of Maple Grove Raceway to discuss ideas to improve the series, to discuss rules and other mutually beneficial ideas.

The advisory board will be established based on the 2014 Money Trail final points standings and will include representatives from each eliminator.  Super 2, Pro 2, Street 2, Top Bike 2 and Junior Dragsters 2.


The advisory board will consist of:

Super:                                   Scott Lorish – Derrick Fox

Pro:                           Brock Moshier – Gary Simpers Jr.

Street:                                  Dave Raser – Paul Werner

Top Bike:                             Joe Stuebner, – Danny Boyer

Junior Dragster:                Mark Ketterer – Mark Knarr

For further information, contact Jason Leber at 610-856-9200 or email

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