FRBR Door Wars update

We’ve had a lot of conversations with racers over the last month or so. When we decided to open pre-entries April 1st, our goal was to give people an early opportunity to fill a closed field race. What we have learned is that while there are more than 256 people who want to be a part of Door Wars, many don’t want to commit so much money so far ahead of time for a variety of reasons.
To that end we have decided to offer a Door Wars reservation. For a non-refundable $30 fee, you can get your name on the entry list. The list will still close when 256 are signed up, however a list of alternates will be created. Everyone who reserves a spot will have until August 31st to pay the $300. It’s still a savings a $50 over gate entry cost, and it locks you into the closed field. We also are still offering the full pre-entry refund until October 1st, no questions asked.
Right now we have about 90 spots remaining. Thank you choosing to be a part of Door Wars and letting us show you a memorable footbrake experience!
Andy and Shane


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