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Super Chevy Show winds up with victors

bracket 2 vandenheuvel super chevy

Michael VanDenHeuvel wins Bracket 2.

As is the tradition at Maple Grove Raceway, the Super Chevy Show presented by Original Parts Group was a marathon. With nearly 700 race entries and well over 300 car show entries, everyone wanted their share of the three-day weekend.

From the swap meet and manufacturers’ midway to the Hanna Motorsports Jet Cars and the True Street Challenge, The Grove was bustling with activity from 7 p.m. Friday morning to 7 p.m. Saturday night.

With the sun setting on Sunday, a select group of racers were able to bring their cars to PPC Lubricants Victory Lane for some very happy celebrations.The non-electronics Bracket 2 itself featured 205 cars and veteran racer Michael VanDenHeuvel (Elkton, Md.) won it in his 1984 Olds Cutlass. He clinched the win when the ’98 S-10 pickup driven by Martin Flegal (Ephrata, Pa.) broke at the starting line. VanDenHeuvel, a Maple Grove regular, finished his pass in 11.442 seconds at 115.54 mph. More >

Super Chevy Car Show Sunday winners

Here are the Sunday Car Show results from the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove Raceway: More >

Super Chevy has hot Saturday

Car Show winners Super Chevy Day 1

The Saturday Car Show winners at Super Chevy.

The weather just a tad cooler on Saturday at Maple Grove Raceway, but the action was still hot as the Super Chevy Show presented by Original Parts Group went head first into the weekend.

Over 600 cars took part in the drag race portion while nearly 200 were on the show field for the first day of the Car Show.

There were three brackets for racers along with the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods, who finished up qualifying for Sunday’s eliminations. Fredy Scriba in his ’63 Corvette was the top Pro Mod qualifier with a pass of 6.114 seconds at 235.51 mph. More >

It’s 40 years for Super Chevy magazine

If Super Chevy magazine were a human being, chances are it would be balding, growing a paunch, and looking for love in all the wrong places. Instead, it is as fit as a 20-year-old Marine and looking to kick just as much butt.

A lot has happened in the publishing world since Super Chevy first hit the newsstands in the spring of 1973 as a special issue by Argus Publishing. It helped start a revolution in automotive publishing—it focused on only one marque, and when the results started pouring in (along with the dollars), a lot of other companies took notice.

A second issue followed, and the magazine quickly became a quarterly, then a bimonthly, then a monthly. Circulation exploded. Soon a world that previously knew only Hot Rod, Car Craft and Popular Hot Rodding, found newsstands populated by magazines devoted solely to Chevys, Corvettes, Pontiacs, Mopars, Mustangs, and so on.

Over the years, dozens of Chevy-only periodicals have been launched, and except for Super Chevy and sister publication Chevy High Performance, all have bitten the dust. The Internet buried more than a few, yet our circulation continues to grow. Super Chevy has not only survived, but also thrived. There are a number of reasons for this—quality of information and photography, the Super Chevy Show series, and (as important as any of them) the staff has always been comprised of hard-core Bow Tie enthusiasts. More >

Queen of Diamonds II to make Maple Grove debut at Super Chevy

The concept was first sketched on a napkin in the Atlanta airport. A decade later, the jet dragster that was on that napkin has been making its first passes.

The Queen of Diamonds II, with driver Jill Canuso, plans to make its debut tour this summer and will run on Maple Grove Raceway’s quartermile for the first time during the Super Chevy Show on Saturday and Sunday. The QDII will be part of a quartet of jets at Super Chevy. Hanna Motorsports teammates Rich Hanna and Ken Hall will be driving the GOJO Firebird and Top Secret Funny Cars, respectively. Also on hand will be Bob VanSciver’s Jersey Thunder dragster.

“I’m looking forward to racing QDII at Maple Grove for the first time during the Super Chevy Show,” said Canuso, who has been racing at The Grove for several years.  “The Grove is my home town track, and the place where I first decided that I wanted to be a racer.” More >

Pro Mods returning to Super Chevy

Get Your 1320ft worth of Pro Modified action July 19th through July 21st.  Continuing this year at the Super Chevy Show at Maple Grove will be the “Chevy vs. the World” Pro Mod Wars format that will be a 16 car field, combining Nitrous, Blowers and Turbos with our standard rules. All NEOPMA Members would be eligible for this event, regardless of make or model. Chevy Pro Mods have dominated and won the first three years. Do the other manufacturers have something for the Chevy’s this year?

The Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association will be hazing the quarter mile of Maple Grove Dragway for their ultimate side by side drag racing, all the best Pro Mods from Nitrous to Supercharged to Turbocharged will be adding to the excitement of the “Super Chevy Show” this coming weekend. More >