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Jungle Jim rides again!

John Smith and the Jungle Jim win the Nitro title!

With all the records broken during the weekend in the Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car class at Maple Grove Raceway, the Mickey Thompson DRO AA/FC Challenge ended with a whimper rather than a bang.

John Smith and the Jungle Jim Vega won the championship Saturday night as part of the Geezers Reunion at The Grove and the Uni-Select Cavalcade of Funny Cars. He didn’t have to make a pass in the final as his opponent, Shawn Bowen, broke after beating Marc White in the semifinals.

Bowen and his ’77 Firebird won the race, but then broke in the shutdown area, causing a 43-minute cleanup. Replacement parts were available, but the crew couldn’t make the repairs in the 90-minute window. More >

Coming to the Geezers: ‘Crazy’ Jake

Perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that “Crazy” Jake Crimmins received his nickname by doing, well, something crazy.

Back in the late 1960s, shortly after leaving the U.S. Navy, Crimmins was racing his B/Altered car and when he arrived at the track one day, he realized that he forgot one key piece of his racing uniform – his shoes.

“You had to wear a firesuit and back then they were those crazy looking silver firesuits,” said Crimmins, who had installed a blown Chevy motor that season. “Back then you wore work boots or something, not special shoes or anything like that.

“One day I forgot my work boots and all I had on were sandals. The announcer in the tower said ‘man that guy is crazy.’ He could see down from the tower into the car and he could see my feet. Every time he announced it from there, he called me ‘Crazy.’

“It was a crazy time back then.”

Crimmins will be back at Maple Grove Raceway on Aug. 2-3 to take part in the Geezers Reunion at The Grove as part of the Auto-Plus Cavalcade of Funny Cars.  More >