For 2015 the  Sunoco Race Fuel pumps at the track will now have these 4 products to choose from: Standard (110 oct), Supreme(112 oct.), HCR Plus (114 oct) and Maximal (116 oct).  There will also be 5 gallon sealed pales of SR18 (NHRA pro stock fuel), Maximal NOS, GT Plus (104 oct), Optima      (95 oct-non ethanol for use in small engines and racer cars) and EX02(110 oct- highly oxygenated)
-Sealed 55 gal drum sales of Double AA Methanol will also be available
-other fuels can be ordered upon request if needed
-For those of you running VP Q16-your replacement fuel is EX02(3-4% jet increase is needed to start tune-up)
-For those of you running VP-C14 Plus, C15, C19, C23 & C25, C44, your replacement fuel is SR18. Start your tune-up with 1-2 degrees advanced timing

New Fuels Listed above will be available after  5/2/2015

Here’s a list of the available fuels as of  3/1/2015.

                                                                                                                       Fuel Prices

110 Purple    -    $9.70/Gal

112 Blue    -    $10.40/Gal

104GT+ Unleaded    –    $9.40/Gal

93 oct.    -    $4.65/Gal


Methanol    -    $3.90/Gal

$210.00/Drum with top lube

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