Q: How can I get a camping spot?

A: Call (610) 856-9208 and leave a message.


Q: I’m in a wheelchair, how am I supposed to get to my seat from the parking lot?

A: Tell the parker and he will get the handicap transport to pick you up.


Q: How big of a cooler can we bring in?

A: 12 inches. Glass bottles and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.


Q: Can we bring our own food?

A: Yes.


Q: We park way out. Is there a shuttle service?

A: Yes.


Q: Can we bring an umbrella?

A: Yes, but it cannot be used in the grandstands.


Q: Is there an ATM.

A: Yes. There is one located at Gate 3 and another in the bottom of the NAPA tower on the pit side.


Q: What is the age for junior and child ticket rates at the Auto-Plus Nationals?

A: Juniors are ages 6-15; Child is 5-and-under


Q: Are alcoholic beverages sold at the track?

A: Yes.


Q: Is there re-entry?

A: Yes, with a hand stamp.


Q: How much extra is it for a pit pass?

A: The pit pass is included with your ticket at no extra cost.


Q: How much is parking at the NHRA Nationals

A: It is $10 for paid lots. Free parking is also available.


Q: Are cushions with seat backs permitted in the stands?

A: No, cushions with backs on them are prohibited.


Q: Can I smoke in the stands?

A: No, smoking is prohibited in all Maple Grove Raceway seating areas.