July 16, 2014 — Maple Grove Raceway announced today the following rules and run order revisions for its Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail E.T. bracket racing series events. They will go into effect immediately. Page numbers refer to the 2014 MGR racer handbook. 

P.C. Richard & Son Street class (page 9):

D.O.T. tires are required: two on front, two on rear of car.


Bye Runs (page 5):

The driver receiving the bye run has the option to make the run down the track or not make the run.  The bye run driver must inform an MGR official, then the starter will stage the tree and advance the bye run on the computer.  All bye runs entries must enter the staging lanes under their own power (towing is not  permitted).


Breakage (page 6):

During eliminations, when cars are paired by an official and are not at “the point” (next pair to enter the water box) and one entrant fails to start or encounters problems:

A) The opponent will be pulled to the side and the broken entrant will have until the end of the round to repair the entry and make the run.

B) If the broken entrant is unable to do this, his opponent will receive a competition bye and advance to the next round.

C) If an entrant fails to start from “the point” to the water box, the entrant will have 30 seconds to attempt to start the race car.  If the race car does not start, the opponent will receive a competition bye.


Run Order Change

In effort to keep track conditions to an optimum level and prevent bald spots on the starting line, MGR has decided to change the run order of the classes.


Revised run order and lane assignments be for all future Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail events:

Pro — Lanes 1-4.

Jr Dragster — Lane 8.

Jr. Street — Lane 8 (behind Jr. Dragsters).

Super Pro — Lanes 3-6.

Top Bike — Lane 8.

Street — Lanes 1-2.

Trophy — Lane 5.

Time and License — Lane 6.

Clean-up round — Lanes 7-8.


For more information, please call Maple Grove Raceway at (610) 856-9200.