We’d like to thank everyone who attended our annual Racers Meeting as well as all of you that responded to the recent survey we sent out. We e-mailed all members having an e-mail address on their membership form and for those that didn’t have emails we mailed hard copies via mail.

The voting process ended at the close of business on Monday, March 10. A total of 54.5 percent of the 2013 membership submitted either electronic ballots or hard copy ballots. We would like to thank each and every one of you that participated at the racer meeting and the voting process.

In reviewing the results 54.5 percent of the members participated in the vote, 45.5 percent members didn’t respond and when you look at the final vote tallies all three main issues were within 2 or 3 votes on each issue!

Here are the results and what we are doing for 2014:

One session 52

Two sessions 48

• Maple Grove will offer 1 session for the Summit E.T. Finals team. Yearly points will remain the same as in the past, season long points maintained for Money Trail year-end awards
• Maple Grove team will consist of 10 Super, 10 Pro, 8 Street and 4 Top Bike

Run Super as one category, no split 28

Keep the door cars and dragsters separate until Round 3 26

• Maple Grove will run Super as one category for 2014
• This issue has been virtually split down the middle for the last three years, sometimes change can be a good thing, we’ll see

Last Chance race

Yes, I would participate in a last chance race 42

No, I’m not interested in a last chance race 44

• Buy backs into the Money Trail points races was voted down and a last chance race was discussed
• Maple Grove will experiment with a last chance format, if car counts are under 220 for the event and if time permits

Pro and Street racers were asked if they had a transbrake in their race car

Yes, 11

No, 42

• This vote indicated trans brakes in footbrake cars is less of a problem than we first thought. However Maple Grove will still follow the procedures outlined at the racer meeting where trans brake entries must have a quick disconnect on the button wire. Maple Grove will also enact a new severe penalty if an illegal device is found in the footbrake categories. All procedures will be posted on-line and in our rule book.