Racers and fans will get their opportunity to attend the finest drag racing school in the nation as Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School conducts classes at Maple Grove Raceway on Aug. 27-28.

“I’ve always enjoyed racing and teaching classes at Maple Grove” said Hawley. “I’ve raced here in both Top Fuel cars, Funny Cars, and the Chi-Town nostalgia car and it’s great to be back teaching new folks the fastest way down the quarter mile.”

Hawley’s School gives the students the opportunity to obtain their NHRA competition license or just have a great time driving “really” fast cars!

“More and more race tracks today are requiring that the drivers have a competition racing license if their car runs quicker than 10 seconds in the quarter mile. It can be very frustrating if you end up at your local track with your hot rod and you can’t compete because your race car is too fast,” said Hawley. “At our school, you can walk away with one of these licenses. Not only do the students get top-to-bottom instruction on how to be safe and drive fast – we also spend time in the classroom offering lectures on a number of topics to help drivers reach and maintain peak performance.”

Racers can also attend Hawley’s classes with their own race cars.

“Some of the drivers that bring their race cars are new to the sport and others have been at it a while,” said Hawley. “Even the pros can use a little help occasionally and that’s why we are seeing an increase in the ‘bring your own car’ programs.”

In addition to the Super Comp gas dragster and Super Gas door car programs, attendees at Hawley’s Maple Grove school will be able to come out and get a ride in one of the school’s race cars.

“Some folks are interested in just seeing what it’s like to accelerate in a drag race car, so we’re making that available for them,” said Hawley. “Just give us a call and we’ll get you a ride you’ll never forget.”

Please contact us to find out more information, if you have questions call (866) 480-7223 or visit www.frankhawley.com.