(A) Effective 12 Noon, July 6 and beyond:  No underage drivers of pit vehicles, such as golf carts, pit bikes, 4-wheelers etc.  If an underage driver is found operating a vehicle the race entry will be disqualified from the day’s event, no refunds will be offered and the team will be asked to leave the facility. All operators of pit vehicles must be 16 years of age or older.

 (B) All pit vehicles must obtain a 2013 Auxiliary Pit Sticker that must be adhered to the vehicle.  Deadline will be August 1 to obtain the proper insurance and pit sticker.  To obtain the sticker owners must show proof of liability insurance or purchase a policy for $40 plus the $10 fee for the sticker.  The insurance is offered through NHRA and carries a max coverage of $300,000.00.  You must insure the unit in order to operate the vehicle in the pits.  This program is to protect you as well as the NHRA Northeast Division tracks you race at.  One of the top insurance problems for a number of years has been accidents and injuries while operating these vehicles.

(C) Effective immediately, we will lock the permanent rest rooms at the conclusion of the day’s racing activities and will be reopened when we open the gates for the next day’s racing activities.  We’ve had incidents this year where the rest rooms were damaged overnight and we will not tolerate it any longer.  We do have portable units around the pit area for overnight use.