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Ken’s Kustom Chassis to Support Junior Dragster Racer Appreciation Days


Kerry Kissinger of Ken’s Kustom Chassis announced this week that his family’s chassis business will contribute cash awards for the three junior dragster racer appreciation days during the 2015 season at Maple Grove Raceway.

The junior appreciation days will offer a total of $500 cash to the eliminator champion at each race.

The dates for Junior Appreciation Days are May 9, July 5 and the juniors will join the Outlaw Pro Mods at the Rumble at the Grove on August 29th.

For further information contact Jason Leber at

Please Click on picture for Ken’s Kustom Chassis webpage 




Attention, Area Eateries

Maple Grove Raceway is undertaking a new program to enhance and inform our fans and racers as to what Berks County and beyond offer in dining experiences when they visit our area.

Please refer to the Fan Info tab on the homepage of our website,  where you will see the start of our “local area dining” page.

The package includes an business card ad on our website and a business card ad in the new Local Dining section in all editions of our 1320 Hotline Drag Racing News which will run in two printed editions and two online versions for the 2015 season.

Another feature to be added will be drive times and miles to your restaurant to help the fans when they leave the track for the day.

If you’d like to have your establishment in this affordable package, please contact Lex Dudas at or call the office at 610-856-9200.

Maple Grove Raceway Announces ET Driver’s Advisory Board

In a follow up to the Money Trail ET racers meeting Jason Leber announced the formation of a new 10 person advisory board in an effort to establish a better flow of ideas and concerns.

In making the announcement, Leber stated “We want to have a better line of communications with our racers and we felt the formation of the advisory board would be a benefit all involved.”

The advisory board will meet during the course of the season with the management team of Maple Grove Raceway to discuss ideas to improve the series, to discuss rules and other mutually beneficial ideas.

The advisory board will be established based on the 2014 Money Trail final points standings and will include representatives from each eliminator.  Super 2, Pro 2, Street 2, Top Bike 2 and Junior Dragsters 2.


The advisory board will consist of:

Super:                                   Scott Lorish – Derrick Fox

Pro:                           Brock Moshier – Gary Simpers Jr.

Street:                                  Dave Raser – Paul Werner

Top Bike:                             Joe Stuebner, – Danny Boyer

Junior Dragster:                Mark Ketterer – Mark Knarr

For further information, contact Jason Leber at 610-856-9200 or email


Twilight Saturday Money Trail Events Announced

Racer’s at the annual meeting held March 1st expressed a desire for Maple Grove Raceway to schedule some later start Saturday events.  They felt the late start would enable racers who work on Saturday a better chance of attending the events.

In an effort to accommodate this situation Maple Grove Raceway announced today that two Money Trail events set for June 20th and August 22nd will offer the following time schedule.  Gates open 11:30A time trails, 12:30P eliminations following 2 time trials, 4PM.  August 22nd will also offer the annual NHRA King of the Track program with the overall winner receiving an NHRA Wally and a King of the Track jacket.


Track improvements starting today


We all thought the winter weather  wasn’t going to end after last weeks storm. Mother Nature decided to cooperate today to bring us blue skies and sunshine with temps in the low 50′s. Our maintenance crew has officially begun working on the track by removing the snow from the surface and  making  saw cuts into the asphalt to start the removal process.  Stay tuned the next few weeks to follow the track renovation project.



sunoco race fuels logo

Sunoco Race Fuels Incentive Program for 2015

Starting in 2015 Sunoco became the official fuel of NHRA for the next 10 years and  also extended its sponsorship with Maple Grove Raceway through 2025. MGR looked at racers needs and developed some additional programs for  the racers.

We’re proud to announce a new incentive program for racers who purchase Sunoco Race Fuels from the Maple Grove fuel station.The program totals $4,500.00 in cash and awards which will be paid to participants during the season. At all 15 Money Trail races the winners in Super, Pro and Street will receive $50.00 and the winners in Top Bike and Junior Dragster will receive $25.00. Racers must produce a fuel purchase receipt from the day’s event and purchase a minimum of 5 gallons of product in Super, Pro and Street to be eligible for the bonus cash award. Racers must produce a fuel purchase receipt from the day’s event and purchase a minimum of 2.5 gallons of product in Top Bike and Junior Dragster to be eligible for the bonus cash award.The total cash awards available for the Money Trail season will be $3,000.00 in cash.Any racer purchasing 50 gallons or more of product during the racing season will have their name entered into a special yearend drawing for gift certificates towards fuel purchases at the Maple Grove fuel station in 2016.

A total of 15 names will be drawn with each winner receiving a $100.00 gift certificate.  A total of $1,500.00 in certificates will be awarded.

The Sunoco pumps at the track will now have these 4 products to choose from: Standard (110 oct), Supreme(112 oct.), HCR Plus (114 oct) and Maximal (116 oct).  There will also be 5 gallon sealed pales of SR18 (NHRA pro stock fuel), Maximal NOS, GT Plus (104 oct), Optima      (95 oct-non ethanol for use in small engines and racer cars) and EX02(110 oct- highly oxygenated)
-Sealed 55 gal drum sales of Double AA Methanol will also be available
-other fuels can be ordered upon request if needed
-For those of you running VP Q16-your replacement fuel is EX02(3-4% jet increase is needed to start tune-up)
-For those of you running VP-C14 Plus, C15, C19, C23 & C25, C44, your replacement fuel is SR18. Start your tune-up with 1-2 degrees advanced timing.

Insinger Fuels, a Sunoco Race Fuel distributor will have a truck at all Division 1 events in Pa. NY, NJ Del and Md. for your convenience. No other brand of fuels will be allowed at National events and many other divisional events