A letter to our fans and participants of the Menards Chevy Show

To all our valued participants of the Menards Chevy Series Show:
There has been a lot of confusion and speculation over the past couple of months regarding names changes, as well as other changes. We would like to take this time to clarify.
The “original” Super Chevy Show that Roger Gustin started many years ago was purchased by a consortium of tracks a few years back. That series is now called the Menards Chevy Series and will be for the forseeable future. The other “Super Chevy” events that you see being done by other tracks across the country is a new series and not the original. The new Menards Chevy Series is covered by a very nice TV show where there are film crews at each of these events. The original event is still the great event that you have come to enjoy each year at Maple Grove, but it just has a new name.
To address some of the things that you have seen promoted and advertised: Each year, Male Grove Raceway looks to try new things to hopefully make the event better. Do each of these changes work, not always, but it’s that “thinking outside the box” thinking that makes the event better. While not everything works, we may find out some portion of an idea does, and we can tweak it as each year comes about. You may remember we changed the date a couple of years ago, this didn’t really work, so it was changed back. On the car show side of things, new things are changed and/or added like this year. HOWEVER, we would like to make another change and clarify…
An “experiment” of switching the days of the awards was implemented for this year. Meaning, what you were used to of specialty awards on Saturday and class awards on Sunday, was going to “flip flop”. Due to feedback and some major confusion, we are going to revert back to the original days of awards. Class awards will REMAIN on Sunday, and specialty awards on Saturday. Also, with regards to the timing of the car show awards, we will try to get them off as close to 3:30 pm each day as possible.
There was another addition that was to take place that will be delayed as well. The Show Car Shootout will NOT take place this year but will be refined and take place in 2018.
We do apologize for any and all the confusion that may have come out of us trying to make your experience at the Menards Chevy Show a fun and exciting one. We will still continue to strive to make the show better each year for all our faithful attendees.

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