Racer/Driver Meeting Date Set

The 2018 Money Trail program kicks off on Sunday, March 4th with the annual Racer meeting. The event will be hosted this year for the first time at the Reading Public Museum, located at 500 Museum Road in Reading. The meeting starts at 2 p.m. for all Money Trail racers. This includes the Sunoco Race Fuel... Read More

Maple Grove Raceway Welcomes Bill Bader Jr.

 Bill Bader Jr.’s Energize to Work With Maple Grove Raceway MOHNTON, PA, February 14, 2018 – Bill Bader Jr.’s Energize, LLC has been hired by Maple Grove Raceway to help pave a prosperous path for its famed facility in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. Through his motorsports marketing company, Bader Jr., who is also president of Summit Motorsports Park... Read More

In Remembrance of Mark Carey

Maple Grove Raceway had and still has so many fantastic employees who are always at the track. Who have become a normal sight week after week for the racers. While there are so many different individuals on the weekly payroll, there was one man who stood out. This gentleman’s presence has became the norm in... Read More
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