MG Sunoco Fuel Station

-For those of you running VP Q16-your replacement fuel is EX02(3-4% jet increase is needed to start tune-up)
-For those of you running VP-C14 Plus, C15, C19, C23 & C25, C44, your replacement fuel is SR18. Start your tune-up with 1-2 degrees advanced timing

Sunoco Race Fuel to VP fuel Cross Reference

Fuels available at Pump:

110 Standard – $9.90/Gal

112 Supreme – $10.80/Gal

114 HCR+ $11.30/Gal

116 Maximal $12.10/Gal

5 Gal Sealed Container:

95 Optima $58.00

104 Octane GT+ $60.00

107 EX02 $70.00

116 MaxNOS $72.00

118 SR18 $72.00


Methanol – $4.10/Gal

$220.00/Drum with top lube

Sunoco Race fuel distributed by: