8.50, 10.0 and 11.50 Index

This Sunday June 28th the Northeast Index Racer Series is coming to Maplegrove Raceway. Index Racing brings out the best in competition as racers go head’s up, leaving the starting line at the same time, sprinting down the quarter-mile to the finish line. Maplegrove welcomes these racers and any media or photographers to attend. For credentials for the media or photographers please contact our office by calling 610-856-9200, credentials will also be available in the base of the tower the day of the event.
Depending upon the weather this weekend Maplegrove will possibly add Pro Dial into the run schedule, we will make the official announcement by Saturday evening.
Index racers when coming to Tech please use Lane 1. We will have a dedicated tech person for Index Racers. We will also giving out Northeast Index Racers at the Grove decals.

Gift certificates for Competition Products for #1 qualifier in each class. Last Man Standing pot available in each class. 100% payback. $40 entry, Sign up in first floor of tower.

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