Weather Update 7/30/16 & #1 Qualifier Winners

Due to the weather, Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail Series race No. 11 and Index Series race No. 3 was cut short. Racers who purchased a tech card in either the Money Trail series and/ or Northeast Index series on Saturday, July 30th will receive a rain check as credit towards the next race for Money Trail or Index Series.
When one presents their ticket from today, Saturday, July 30 to the toll booth to redeem their rain check, they will still need to pay an entry fee. For example, a racer who purchased a Super tech card on July 30th paid $75. Since two time runs were completed $15 will be deducted from their rain check. (More information on the breakdown of time runs can be found in our 2016 Racers Handbook.) That super racer receives a $60 credit towards the next event. When that racer returns on Sunday, July 31, they must present their ticket to the people at the toll booth along with the monetary difference for the entry fee.
Crew members who present their tickets to the toll booth at the next event will receive 100% credit.
The next Sunoco Race Fuels Money Trail Series race is Sunday, July 31st.
The next Northeast Index Series at the Grove is Saturday, August 27th (Rumble at the Grove).
No points were awarded to Index Series racers on 7/30/16 besides qualifying points. Index racers will receive any earned points for qualifying on 7/30/16. Any Index series racer who shows up to race on August 27th at Rumble at the Grove and participates in points and was present on 7/30/16 will receive an additional ten (10) points.
**Must keep tickets from Saturday, July 30th event in order to receive any rain check credit. Rules apply to crew and racers. No ticket means no refund, no exceptions.

EFI Source Northeast Index Series #1 Qualifier Award Courtesy of S&W Race Cars
Boccella Performance 8.50 Index
Mike Boccella; Gilbertsville, PA, 8.509 E.T.
10.0 Index
Carl (CJ) Ungaro; Langorn, PA, ’67 Chevelle, 10.031 E.T.
11.50 Index
Richard Strohl; Saylorsburg, PA, ’78 Camaro,11.501 E.T.
12.50 Index
LeeAnn Ormsbee; Harrisburg, PA, ’79 Corvette, 12.510 E.T.

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